Tips For An Easier Transition To Wearing Your First Set Of Hearing Aids

24 March 2016
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As your sense of hearing has slowly decreased, you have likely been missing out on many important conversations with your friends and family. Once you have adjusted to your new set of hearing aids, you will be right back in the center of communication and back into the loop. This will greatly improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

Follow these tips for an easier transition to wearing your first set of hearing aids:

Don't Change the Volume Manually on Your Hearing Aids

Since today's styles of hearing aids are designed to automatically adjust their volume in various situations, you should not ever need to manually change the volume in your hearing aids. While you may find some sounds annoying or too loud at first, it is important for your adjustment period that you put up with the annoyance and allow your brain to adjust to the sounds in its own time.

Ask a Family Member to Set an Appropriate TV Volume

When you are watching television wearing your hearing aids for the first few times, ask one of your family members to set the volume of the TV set to a reasonable volume level. If you still need a bit of additional help understanding the dialogue, at first, you can also turn on the television's closed captioning function so you will be able to refer to it as necessary when you miss something that is said.

Be Reasonable in Your Expectation for Your New Hearing Aids

While your new hearing aids will greatly improve the quality of your life, they are not magical nor bionic devices. You can expect your hearing aids to allow you to hear an average level of speech and sounds. Your new hearing aids will not allow you to hear sounds beyond a normal range nor give you an unnatural ability to separate out sounds of several speakers. By being reasonable in your expectations for your new hearing ability, you will be more satisfied.

Have Patience and Know the Adjustment Period Will Soon be Over

Finally, while the hearing adjustment period is frustrating, continually wearing your new hearing aids will decrease the amount of time required for your complete adjustment. By following the above time-tested strategies, as well as any instructions from your ent doctor, and making the extra effort to be patient with yourself during this trying time, you will soon be hearing comfortably and enjoying conversations with friends and family once again.