Great News For Tinnitus Sufferers About New Sonic Brain Reprogramming Treatment

1 April 2016
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People that suffer with tinnitus may have found that many of the traditional treatments used for it do not work and if they do, the results are usually not long-lasting. However, a new treatment is proving to provide long-lasting results and it is not invasive. Learn more about a new treatment for tinnitus called sonic brain reprogramming.

A Word About Tinnitus

For some tinnitus sufferers, the underlying cause of it may be hearing loss or a health problem like high blood pressure. For many other tinnitus sufferers, the cause of it is unknown. Some medical professionals and researchers think tinnitus can be brought on by high stress. Some researchers think tinnitus is the brain hearing sounds on the wrong frequency, that the sounds are always present and people that hear them are doing so because of their brain's frequency sensitivity. People suffering some level of hearing loss lose the ability to hear on high frequencies, causing their brains to start 'hearing' on lower frequency levels. For tinnitus sufferers, getting rid of the whooshing, ringing or buzzing sounds they hear all the time matters a great deal to living a normal life.

How Sonic Brain Reprogramming Works For Tinnitus

Many treatments for tinnitus involve training the brain to ignore the sounds associated with it. Sonic brain reprogramming is similar, but does so using vibrations created by a music synthesizer. During a sonic brain reprogramming procedure, synthesized sound is sent through the bone instead of through the middle ear. A small, disc-shaped amplifier is laid on the bone behind your ear for sending sounds, turned into vibrations, through it. The reason sounds are sent through the bone is so it will pass by the middle ear and be received by your brain as a high frequency sound instead of the low frequency usually generated by the middle ear due to hearing loss. Tinnitus sufferers undergoing this new treatment have reported experiencing longer lasting relief from the sounds they normally hear every day from tinnitus.

If you suffer from tinnitus, talking to an audiologist about your options for sonic brain reprogramming is a good idea. Living with the sounds of tinnitus every day can be stressful, increasing your chances of depression and anxiety, so learning more about this new treatment is worthwhile. Taking the time to learn more about the cause of your tinnitus can also be important for learning whether or not you have an underlying medical condition like high blood pressure. Do not put off finding out more about your tinnitus and treatments available to you for it.

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