Do You Snore Loudly And Badly? Important Facts About Somnoplasty You Need To Know

15 July 2016
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If you snore so loudly that your spouse has moved to the couch to sleep at night, you may be wondering how you can make it stop. If you have visited your physician about snoring too loudly, he or she may have discussed surgery, somnoplasty, for helping to stop it. However, before you consent to having surgery for your snoring, learning more about some important facts to consider first is a good idea.

Somnoplasty Is Not A Cure For Sleep Apnea Problems

While you may snore terribly, it does not necessarily mean you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a symptom of other, more serious diseases. People suffering with sleep apnea may also suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure. Many people that have sleep apnea also suffer from type II diabetes. While sleep apnea contributes to issues like high blood pressure, it is not the cause. However, many people with high blood pressure also have sleep apnea. While the surgery for snoring can help to silence snoring, it does not alleviate sleep apnea and its related conditions. If you have never visited a doctor about your snoring problem, making sure it is not caused by sleep apnea is important.

Some People Still Snore After Somnoplasty

Somnoplasty has been found to produce significant results in most people for snoring. Statistics state that 80-90% of people that have had somnoplasty say it did reduce their snoring. If you decide to have this surgery, be sure to discuss with your surgeon about realistic expectation of its outcome. You could be in the 10% or so that do not experience a reduction in their snoring habits. Because somnoplasty is a new procedure, your physician will not be able to tell you how long your reduction in snoring will last after you have it done.

Sometimes Snoring Can Come Back After Somnoplasty

As the nasal tissue stretches out over time, you may find you start snoring again. This can happen to people that are aging and it is a normal side effect. If you worry about snoring again after having surgery, discuss with your physician about whether you would be able to have the surgery again at that time.

Getting your snoring under control is important and can mean the difference in whether or not your spouse sleeps with you at night. For many couples, not being able to snuggle up together at night becomes an issue. Avoid having problems with your spouse and find out from your doctor if you are a good candidate for somnoplasty.

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