Is Vertigo Robbing You Of More Than Your Balance? What Are Your Treatment Options?

5 August 2016
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If you've suffered from mild bouts of vertigo for years, you may be dismayed when you notice your symptoms worsening -- in some cases, leaving you too dizzy and disoriented to feel safe driving or even crossing the street by yourself. This type of "invisible" illness can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration with your own body. Do you have any treatment options that can get you back to equilibrium? Read More 

Do You Snore Loudly And Badly? Important Facts About Somnoplasty You Need To Know

15 July 2016
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If you snore so loudly that your spouse has moved to the couch to sleep at night, you may be wondering how you can make it stop. If you have visited your physician about snoring too loudly, he or she may have discussed surgery, somnoplasty, for helping to stop it. However, before you consent to having surgery for your snoring, learning more about some important facts to consider first is a good idea. Read More 

Great News For Tinnitus Sufferers About New Sonic Brain Reprogramming Treatment

1 April 2016
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People that suffer with tinnitus may have found that many of the traditional treatments used for it do not work and if they do, the results are usually not long-lasting. However, a new treatment is proving to provide long-lasting results and it is not invasive. Learn more about a new treatment for tinnitus called sonic brain reprogramming. A Word About Tinnitus For some tinnitus sufferers, the underlying cause of it may be hearing loss or a health problem like high blood pressure. Read More 

Tips For An Easier Transition To Wearing Your First Set Of Hearing Aids

24 March 2016
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As your sense of hearing has slowly decreased, you have likely been missing out on many important conversations with your friends and family. Once you have adjusted to your new set of hearing aids, you will be right back in the center of communication and back into the loop. This will greatly improve the quality of your day-to-day life. Follow these tips for an easier transition to wearing your first set of hearing aids: Read More 

3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Ears And Hearing Health

23 March 2016
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Frequent ear checkups are vital for the early diagnosis of ear problems such as hearing loss. Don't wait until it's too late to start paying attention to your ears. Visit your hearing doctor for regular hearing screenings and start following these simple steps to protect your hearing health. Avoid exposure to loud noises Listening to music at high volume can put you at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. To prevent this, avoid plugging earbuds into your ears, as they place the noise directly next to your eardrum, which can damage your hearing. Read More